Linoor is a premium Template for Digital Agencies, Start Ups, Small Business and a wide range of other agencies.
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  • 1. Website Development
    Web design & development that inspires confidence Whether you’re a one-man band business or a multi-national, your website’s 1st impression is everything. Unlike your business card, your website carries the customers’ expectations on service and quality. If you don’t inspire confidence in seconds, your clients won’t engage with you. Our job’s simple – capture your client’s attention and direct them to take action quickly – now that’s true marketing efficiency.
    • Information / eCommerce websites
    • Conversion Focused Web Design
    • Local & Custom UI / UX Design
    • CMS Development
    • QA Testing & Integrations
    • Server Setup / Custom Emails
  • 2. Filming / Editing
    Do you need a skilled video editor to give your raw footage a professional polish? We can turn your footage into memorable, impactful and professionally edited videography that’s guaranteed to capture your audience’s attention.
    • Promotional videos, commercials or ads
    • Corporate or event presentations
    • Explainer and training videos
    • Health and safety videos
    • TV programmes
  • 3. app development
    Mobile apps are delivered by the Android and Apple app stores. They take advantage of the specific capabilities of mobile devices. We can help you with these.
  • 4. Graphic designing
    How can we help capture your vision and values to give you the best vibrant brand identity and logo design for your business. Humans are built for connection. We tend to personify things, including brands. We can help you really get to the bottom of what you want going forward to clearly define your brand voice.
  • 5. SEO & content writing

    We don’t just fill your site with words because that’s what Google recommends.

    Every sentence is carefully crafted to grab a user’s attention, tell your story and sell your product. Creativity is intertwined with SEO techniques. With every paragraph that’s formed, we intend to push your customer further down the funnel.

    With the perfect balance of direct-response sales copy and engaging, soft-sell and valuable copy, we grab every opportunity to speak to your customers in their language.

  • 6. Digital marketing
    At a high level, digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. .

    We are strategists, media buyers, creatives and techies who love what we do We share a deep love of the digital world that has profoundly influenced our lives and care deeply about the impact our work has within it.

We offer a full service which means we’ve got you covered on design and content right through to digital.

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